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What's Different About Global?

What's Different About Global?

What's Different About Us?

We are experts in structuring real estate transactions using cryptocurrencies and traditional transaction methods.

Global® is an AI-driven real estate brokerage platform based in the United States, focused on sourcing commercial, off-market and residential distressed real estate investment opportunities in the United States and around the Globe.

Our team of computer geeks, nerds, lawyers, tax experts, and business professionals has the expertise to handle the most complex transactions and structure  in a way to build the best deal for both the seller and the investor.

Using, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Stablecoins, including Gemini Dollar (GUSD), Binance USD & Coinbase Stablecoin (USD Coin). 

Today, cryptocurrency and stablecoins are becoming more prevalent in international transactions. We are not only fully plugged into that market, but Global has the expertise to ensure these transactions comply with federal and state regulations.  Global helps our clients every step of the way.

Real estate tokenization, cryptocurrency transactions and novel tax structures (e.g., QOZ transactions) might scare away most real estate brokers. Not us.

And with our team of computer geeks, nerds, lawyers, tax experts, and business professionals, we have the expertise to handle the most of any complex transactions.

In addition, real estate transactions involving Bitcoin may be structured and closed efficiently—often faster than all-dollar transactions—especially if a real estate transaction involves a foreign buyer.

There have also been a lot of misconceptions surrounding the use and regulations of Bitcoin in the US and abroad.  We will analyze and debunk some of the common myths, like the ones that Bitcoin payments are untraceable and used mainly for illegal activities or that Bitcoin is not regulated in the US.

On the bright side, with proper legal and tax structuring, making real estate listings available to buyers interested in paying with Bitcoin presents an intriguing opportunity for sellers and their real estate agents.  Bitcoin has become a major market for investors and virtual currency miners around the world. For example, much of the world’s supply of Bitcoin are held by investors and miners from China, the United States, Japan, Czech Republic, Russia, Iceland, Georgia, and Canada.

Given the volatile nature of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, many investors and miners prefer to diversify their Bitcoin holdings, either by investing in precious metals or US real estate.

The first option of an all-Bitcoin transaction involves a number of extra risks and hurdles associated with the current legal and tax status of Bitcoin. It also requires a seller to agree to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment for the tendered real estate. Such a method can be attractive if crypto enthusiasts happen to be on both sides of a real estate transaction.

The second option, however, allows the holder of Bitcoin to purchase any real estate listing in the US, provided that the holder can pass requisite due diligence.  Such an option is modeled very closely to a traditional USD (a/k/a “fiat”) real estate transaction making it attractive to all sellers, and both local and international buyers with digital assets.

Offering to accept Bitcoin as payment may provide sellers with an advantage among investors with substantial Bitcoin holdings and a desire to move those holdings into real estate.

Engaging in such offerings will require the seller and his or her representatives to understand the options of executing real estate transactions using Bitcoin and the various methods for converting Bitcoin into USD.

With such an understanding, plus appropriate legal and tax planning, sellers can set their listings apart and attract purchases using the billions of dollars currently held in Bitcoin.



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