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Global® is an AI-driven real estate brokerage platform based in the United States, focused on sourcing commercial, off-market, and residential distressed real estate investment opportunities in the United States and around the globe.

The Global mission

Our team of computer geeks, nerds, lawyers, tax experts, and business professionals has the expertise to handle the most complex transactions and structure in a way to build the best deal for both the seller and the investor.

Using, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Stablecoins, including Gemini Dollar (GUSD), Binance USD & Coinbase Stablecoin (USD Coin). 

Our solution

Real estate tokenization, cryptocurrency transactions, and novel tax structures (e.g., QOZ transactions) might scare away most real estate brokers. Not us.

With such an understanding, plus appropriate legal and tax planning, sellers can set their listings apart and attract purchases using the billions of dollars currently held in Bitcoin.

And with our team of computer geeks, nerds, lawyers, tax experts, and business professionals, we have the expertise to handle most of any complex transactions.

Arley Ballenger CEO

Arley Ballenger: CEO


Arley is an experienced CEO with a history of working in various industries, including real estate, computer software, and securities exchange. His extensive career in the United States Air-force has instilled an unrivaled sense of discipline, respect, and integrity that forms the cornerstone of all of his activities relating to the fast-paced industry of investing and selling commercial and residential real estate.


Arley brings to the table a wealth of experience in the following:

Commercial and residential real estate investment;

Real estate law;

Cryptocurrency broking and advice;

Cryptocurrency mining;

Business intelligence;

Computer software development;

Fraud mitigation;

Investment banking; and


Josette Sheria (CIA): Governance, compliance and operations

Josette is a seasoned professional in the fields of governance, compliance, and operations with a specific emphasis on the mitigation of fraud both at an organizational level and process level. She has extensive experience working with clients in complex corporations and government entities and thus has an understanding and appreciation for requirement to be agile in her thinking when finding unique solutions for client whilst maintaining appropriate compliance to governance standards and laws.


Josette has provided the following services to her clients:

Governance advise and implementation;


Fraud mitigation, including prevention, detection, and remediation;

Forensic investigations, including expert witness testimony as and when required; and

Risk management

Nathan Nebraska (CGREIA): Real estate professional (Specialist)

Nathan is an experienced manager in supply chain management and construction. With his excellent attention to detail, he is able to ensure that the quality of deliverables exceeds client expectations.


Nathan has proven expertise in developing processes and utilisation of technology to maximise productivity which promotes a premier experience of both investors and sellers in respect of both commercial and residential experience.


With his track record, Nathan brings the following expertise to every deal:

Investment acquisition advice;

Real estate investment advice;

Cryptocurrency advice;

Fraud mitigation; and

Risk management.

Patricia Kimmel (CGREIA): Real estate professional (Specialist)

Patricia has an extensive military background obtained in the United States Army with a specific focus on public affairs, marketing and contract procurement.


She builds trust with clients by conducting herself with ethics and integrity with both investors and sellers that is above reproach. This is demonstrated by her transparency in all interactions that she has with clients.


Patricia is well versed and experienced in the following:

Commercial and real estate transactions;

Commercial and real estate investment;

Security advice and implementation;

Fraud mitigation;

Risk management;

Contract procurement; and

Cryptocurrency advice.

Nicholas Hall (CGREIA): Real estate professional (Specialist)

Nicholas is deftly able to identify client needs which enables him to quickly and efficiently find solutions that supersedes client expectations. His wide network of associates ensures that the solution delivered to the client is of the highest quality.


Nicholas’ multi-disciplinary experience extends to:

Commercial and residential real estate transactions;

Commercial and residential real estate investments;

Fraud mitigation;

Risk management;

Contract procurement; and

Cryptocurrency advice.

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