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Zig Ziglar: “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Global International Property Investors  - Commercial Real Estate Firm, Loan Brokers and Investment Consultants.
Commercial Developement, Commercial Manufacturing Logistics and Warehousing Solutinos, Business Expansion Solutions and Diversification, Hotels, Villas, Haciendas, and Beachfront Commercial and Turnkey  Properties. Investors and Buyers, welcome to Global, a worldwide investment strategy solution provider. 
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The Informational Materials, which contain certain confidential information relative to the business and affairs of the Properties, as well as other information that may be pertinent to the sale of the Properties or specific information requested by Prospective Purchaser, have been prepared by the Owner and Global Investments (“GI”), the Procuring Broker.  The Information Materials do not purport to be all-inclusive or to contain all the information that a prospective purchaser may desire.  Neither the Owner nor GI make any representations or warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the Informational Materials or their contents and no legal liability is assumed or justified with respect thereto.

By executing this Agreement, Prospective Purchaser agrees that: it will hold and treat the information contained in the Informational Materials in the strictest of confidence; it will not disclose or permit anyone else to disclose the contents of the Informational Materials to any other entity without prior written authorization of GI; it will not permit the Informational Materials or its contents to be used in any fashion or manner detrimental to the interest of the Owner; it will not photocopy or duplicate the Informational Materials without prior written consent of GI; it shall not disclose or discuss the sale of the Properties with any of the staff or tenants at the Properties without the prior written consent of GI; it will indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Owner and GI from all liabilities, damages, claims, costs, fees and expenses whatsoever with respect to any claim made by any broker other than GI; it acknowledges that GI is the Procuring Broker and only GI shall receive compensation from the Owner.

In consideration of GI’s and the Owner’s disclosure of the Informational Materials, Prospective Purchaser shall not at any time prior to the date immediately preceding the second anniversary date of this Agreement, with regard to any listing, purchase, or sale transaction, attempt in any manner to deal directly or indirectly in any manner to circumvent Global Investments or otherwise exploit the relationship with the Owner, or attempt to directly or indirectly contact the Owner for any purpose, without express permission from Global Investments.  Moreover, in the event Prospective Purchaser is contacted by the Owner in regard to a listing, purchase, or sale transaction, Prospective Purchaser agrees to notify Global Investments within 24 hours of the contact, and to include in its notice the name of the individual that initiated the contact, and a detailed account of the nature, content, and substance of such contact. 

The undersigned Prospective Purchaser acknowledges that the Owner shall have no obligation to Prospective Purchaser unless and until a written agreement embodying all the terms and conditions of the proposed sale is executed and delivered by Owner and by Prospective Purchaser and in such event, Owner’s only obligation to the Prospective Purchaser will be as, and to the extent, if any, provided in such written agreement.

The owner/GI expressly reserve the right, at its sole discretion, to reject any or all proposals or expressions of interest in the Properties and to terminate discussions with any party at any time with or without notice.  The Informational Materials shall not be deemed a representation of the state of affairs of the Properties or constitute an indication that there has been no change in the business or affairs of the Properties since the date of the preparation of the Informational Materials.

Prospective Purchaser also agrees that if they choose to not pursue or to discontinue negotiations leading to the purchase of the Properties, they shall return all Informational Materials to GI immediately.

Disclosure: CONFIDENTIAL: ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGED; ATTORNEY WORK PRODUCT: Emails and attachments received from us may be protected by the attorney-client privilege, as attorney work-product or based on other privileges or provisions of law. If you are not an intended recipient of this information, do not read, copy, use, forward or disclose the email or any of its attachments to others. Instead, immediately notify the sender by replying to this information and then delete it from your system. We strictly prohibit any unauthorized disclosure, copying, distribution, or use of emails or attachments sent by us.* Confidential communications*Please be advised that The information from this Site, information sheet, or that is transmitted by this email is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed. This email, Website, or information sheet may contain proprietary, business-confidential, and/or privileged material. If you are not the intended recipient of this message or other material related to this Deal, be aware that any use, review, retransmission, distribution, reproduction or any action taken in reliance upon this message is strictly prohibited. If you received this in error, please contact Global at and delete the material from all computers. Please be advised that before we release our financial information to you, we will require you to sign a letter of non-disclosure. POF, LOI, and Non-Compete Our financial information is vital to the success of our business model, Global and if that information was to become public, the value of our company would be greatly damaged. And also be advise any information that is on this page is completely confidential in nature.– Do Not share any of our financial information with anyone outside of our current deal– Do Not use this information in a way that may be deemed harmful to Global, partners, agents, clients.


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